The Cycling Race in SIX Stages, suitable for all...
In the most Beautiful Island of the Mediterranean Sea


Price List of Randonnée 2019


Both the packages are with hotel accomodationdodes A/B/C/D– from 20 to 26 aprile”.

Prices include: Patent registration, medical / mechanical assistance, refreshments, gadgets, broom wagons, diploma, prize draws, etc.

ATTENTION: registration for the two packages must be made directly to ASD Mare e Monti Onlus -online on the internet sites ( and or by fax or mail-

You subscribe by paying the entire amount of the hotel + Rando + surcharge

You can also join by paying a deposit of 300 euros per person (the balance must be within 28/02/19)

Submissions received without a copy of the receipt of payment will not be considered valid.

WARNING: If you are interested in only the Grand Tour d’Italia Patent “6 + 6 Islands (Sardinia and Sicily)” you must register directly on the BIKE RANDO website ( with the procedures provided therein.

Only “1.000 km di Sardegna” (200, 300 e 400 km)
men/women Euro 75,00

Il “Grand Tour Sardegna” (200, 300, 400 e 600 km)
men/women Euro 160,00

Registration for individual patents in Sardegna:

“Brevetto 200 km”: – men/women Euro 15,00
“Brevetto 300 km”: – men/women Euro 25,00
“Brevetto 400 km”: – men/women Euro 35,00
“Brevetto 600 km Sardegna”: – men/women Euro 90,00

ATTENTION: registration for individual patents may be ONLY ON THE PLACE from the afternoon of Saturday 20 April 2019: registration in one or more individual patents DOES NOT entitle the Gadget and participate in the drawing of prizes.

(The price quoted is for one person from 20 to 26/04/2019 in “Full Board” with drinks at meals, in a double/triple/quadruple room)

Registrations within 31/12/2018

Hotel Monastero*** Sigla A Euro 490,00 a persona
CalaSerena Village**** (hotel centrale) Sigla B Euro 540,00 a persona
Hotel Sighientu**** Sigla C Euro 540,00 a persona
Hotel Setar**** Sigla D Euro 540,00 a persona

Registrations after 01/01/2019
Hotel Monastero*** Sigla A Euro 540,00 a persona
CalaSerena Village**** (hotel centrale) Sigla B Euro 590,00 a persona
Hotel Sighientu**** Sigla C Euro 590,00 a persona
Hotel Setar**** Sigla D Euro 590,00 a persona

Child reductions:
0/2 years – Free-
3/12 years – reduction 50%-

Supplements on request:

  • single room for each day: in A Euro 20,00 – in B C D Euro 30,00
  • extra lunch in arrival day: Euro 20,00 p.p.
  • extra days (for each day p.p.): in A Euro 70,00 – in B C D Euro 80,00
  • transfers from Cagliari airport: Euro 25.00 with bike – Euro 20.00 without bike each way
  • transfer from Olbia or Alghero airport is possible but you must touch the Giro Organisation to evaluate the possibility (probably Euro 40.00 with bike – Euro 35.00 without bike each way)
  • transfers for 3rd stage (Nora): total sum two ways Euro 30.00 with bike – Euro 25.00 without bike
  • transfers for 5th stage (Portoscuso): total sum two ways Euro 35.00 with bike – Euro 30.00 without bike

In cases where the cancellation is made before 28/02/19 we will keep Euro 50,00 with the reimbursement of all other monies sent; in the case where cancellation is made up to 10 days before the start date of the event, we will keep Euro 150,00.

No reimbursement will be made for cancellations after this date.

PENALTY for NAME SUBSTITUTION: 50 Euros –Substitutions can be made up to 10 days before the start of the event

FINAL BOOKING DATE: 28 February 2019 (after this date we can accept bookings only for places freed by cancellation)

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Time flows away
and the places in the hotels will end quickly

Do not wait until the last moment to subscribe, because you could stay EXCLUDED.

The discount ends on 31 December 2018

they are still missing

Registration ends on 28 February

At the next GiroSardegna, they are missing: