The Cycling Race in SIX Stages, suitable for all...
In the most Beautiful Island of the Mediterranean Sea

PRESENCE OF VIDEOLINA (greater television in Sardinia)

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This year, for the first time, there will be an active presence of Videolina which is the main television of
Sardinia: it broadcasts on Digital Terrestrial and also on satellite and therefore is visible in many European

TV operators will follow ALL the stages from a motorcycle that will be racing in MedioGiro and GranGiro
taking up all the various aspects of the race, from the head to the rear of more peaceful cyclists.

The “normal” images made by our collaborators (interviews of the Speaker, images of the race, etc.) will be inserted as usual directly on social media or with short reports of two / three minutes each.

The shots taken by the Videolina operator will be collected in a single container of about thirty minutes
that will tell the whole event: this “special” will then be broadcast on Videolina in the evening on a day in
early May that is now in definition.

During the week you will be shown the day of broadcasting with the schedules and viewing methods from
other Italian regions and from abroad.

Tonino Scarpitti

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