The Cycling Race in SIX Stages, suitable for all...
In the most Beautiful Island of the Mediterranean Sea


Saturday April 20th
Arrivals in hotel

WARNING: hotel services included in the “1.000 km di Sardegna” and “Grand Tour Sardegna” begins with dinner on Saturday 20 April.

All people can get the room also in the morning of Saturday but the lunch will be considered an extra (it costs Euro 20,00) and must be requested and paid within the February 28th.

Cyclists can leave the bikes in the appropriate room and still carry them inside the rooms: any damage to blankets, towels, etc. will be placed on the occupants of the room.

The numbers will be delivered on Saturday, from 4 to 8 pm, in the Congress Hall of the Hotel Sighientu in Capitana.

Starting at 17.00 in the Congress Hall there will be the presentation of the groups taking part in the event and at 6 pm the informative briefing of the week and in particular of the first randonnée.

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Time flows away
and the places in the hotels will end quickly

Do not wait until the last moment to subscribe, because you could stay EXCLUDED.

The discount ends on 31 December 2018

they are still missing

Registration ends on 28 February

At GiroSardegna, they are missing:


Comune di Cagliari

Comune di Quartu Sant’Elena

Comune di Portoscuso

Comune di Pula

A.S.D. – Mare & Monti – O.N.L.U.S.
Iscritta al n. 1289 del Registro Generale del Volontariato della Regione Autonoma Sardegna:

  • Settore Sociale/Sezione Sport
  • Settore Culturale/Sezione Attività Culturali
  • Settore Ambiente/Sezione Tutela, Risanamento e Valorizzazione Ambientale

Sede legale
Via Zurita, 17/b 09126 Cagliari

Sedi operative
09125 Cagliari – Via XX Settembre, 9/pal.A
Tel. 0707331676 Fax 0708582414

09046 Quartu S.E. (CA) – Via Mar Ligure, 96
86080 Roccasicura (IS) – P.zza G. Marconi, 7

Codice Fiscale

Partita IVA

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