The Cycling Race in SIX Stages, suitable for all...
In the most Beautiful Island of the Mediterranean Sea


Rando “1.000 km di Sardegna”


4 Randonnée in Sardinia in one week
200, 300, 400 (in the “1.000 km”), 600 km (in the “6+6 Isole”).

The registered in the “1.000 km di Sardegna” and in the “6+6 Isole” are in long distance licenses.

You participate in following the rules provided by the A.R.I. and you are also included in the “GiroSardegna” (personalized number, refreshments, gadgets, prize draws, etc.).

It is advisable to ask for the registration with the hotel accommodation in order to live intensely the whole event and because the timing of the same allow you to take advantage of the structure entirely and because because when you can not eat meals you will have a “basket-meal” that will be available in the Control-Refresh place.

Since these are long distance cycling licenses, all the rules will be followed (see what is stated in the application form that every cyclist must underwrite); keep in mind, however, that you will do two night routes and then equip yourself accordingly.

The 2019 will be REALLY a special and extraordinary edition of randonnée in Sardegna!

  • There is a “1.000 km di Sardegna” particularly beautiful from the point of view of the routes
  • There is also a stage of “Grand Tour d’Italia “6+6 Isole (Sardegna e Sicilia)
  • … the 2019 will be also the year of Paris-Brest-Paris
  • … and everything happen in the Easter week!

In the program of the “1.000 km” there is a 200 km (Costa di Villasimius), one 300 km (Coste di Nora, Chia, Nebida and Buggerru) and one 400 km (Campidano and Costa Verde), and if you join the 600 km (Orientale Sarda) included in the “6+6”, then the qualification for Paris is already conquered.

From this derives the establishment of the “Grand Tour Sardegna” (the four Randonnée) that allows you to ride in the week for 1,500 kilometers in total!

It is true that there are many kilometers to do, but in Sardinia there are no big mountains to overcome … and then, for the randonneurs, the challenges are never real obstacles: if you want to test yourself then this is the right time good to do it!

You will see and live very intensely Sardinia and its sea!

You will have not too high altitudes in the various “stages”!

You will have a whole week to carry out the entire program which is of “progressive” difficulty!

You will also live a week of vacation in a beautiful four-star hotel!

And you can offer a restful vacation to your companions!

The roads to be covered by bicycle are all of a beauty out of the ordinary and offer unique features from the environmental point of view: this week of full immersion in cycling is REALLY an opportunity not to be missed!

The four patents will be managed directly by Luca Bonechi and Fabio Bardelli with their staff.

One more reason not to miss!

Tonino Scarpitti
President of Mare e Monti

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