TRAVEL to / from Sardinia and Transfer

To get to Sardinia in “low season” is easy and everything has a very attractive price by sea and by air:

Ships: to go by ferry with your own car is easy and relatively cheap: the port of Olbia is just less then twenty kilometers (ferries from Genoa, Livorno and Civitavecchia with many ships, schedules and companies to choose from) and on ships in low season there is great availability of seats and cabins and there are also daytime races in which there is no need to take a bed or a cabin. For prices and schedules see the internet!

Airline: get to Olbia from Italy and abroad is the fastest and is also cheaper if you book the place in advance on a Low-Cost Airlines! It ‘s always convenient and advisable to rent a car at the airport but, as usual, will be also arranged a transfer service to the hotel. It ‘also possible to fly to Alghero and Cagliari, but in this case a car must be rented.

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