Race Timing

Race timing will be carried out by Krono Service, official distributors of Winning Time.

All cyclists must have a WinningTime Chip to get the classification. The Chip has to be enabled for the whole season (go on their site www.kronoservice.com or you can do it in the main hotel at the Punto Chip); you can also have a chip valid just for the week.

Riders not in possession of the Chip can do either of the following:

– buy one directly at the Punto Chip beside the area where you get the race pack (the price is around 10/15 €uro) and the Chip will remain your property;

– hire a Chip valid just for this event, by paying € 3 or 5 (you pay a deposit and then the money will be reimbursed on its return at the end of the week).

TAKE NOTE: for informations regarding the use of the Chip, please consult the site www.kronoservice.com

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