GiroSardegna – MedioGiro

Total of km in the race week: km. 393
Overall climbing: m. 4.893

The “MedioGiro” is one of the two race courses (MedioGiro and Grangiro).

Subscribers to MedioGiro compete in the Blue Path: are less demanding stages and average distance

Subscribers to Grangiro compete in the Red Path: are longer stages, with some climbing more

Every day there are two departures; first go to the start the subscribers to MedioGiro and then the Grangiro; the times of each individual stage will form TWO Absolute rankings and all the age rankings.

WARNING: to remain in the general rankings (absolute and category) cyclists of Grangiro and MedioGiro must complete each day their path. Who NOT arrive at the finish line in a stage (or those who make a different path from that to which is registered) it will comes out of the general rankings. In the days after he can still go to the start, but since then just to participate to the day rankings and not to the General.

Those who register must be in possession of a sports card that enables the cycling races; the card can be Italian or foreign but must be valid for the year 2018. Who does not have one, can apply to join our sports group by sending an appropriate medical certificate. Members must demonstrate to the Organizer the possession of the medical certificate (see the specific rule in the “General Information”)

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