In the many contacts with the directions of hotels, it has been defined that:

  1. a) Under the hotels request, the bicycles of ALL cyclists hosted in the various hotels must be placed in a BIG room that the hotel management has specially structured at Janna ‘e Sole: the bikes will be situated in a very central position (near the bar and the pools, with the mechanical assistance and bike washing); will be brought and taken from the cyclists who will arrange them according to the race number: the room will be kept by the Hotel Security day and night.
  2. b) This decision involve as a consequence that everything will be easy and practical for cyclists hosted at Janna ‘e Sole and at Sporting (which is right next door) but it will be very uncomfortable for cyclists who are at Baia del Porto (about 600 meters away) and in the Residences (… even more distant)
  3. c) Consequently, it was decided to make some changes to avoid creating discomfort.



All the people who had requested that accommodation will have a free up-grade and will be hosted in the Sporting Hotel under the same conditions they had in the Residences and THEREFORE they WILL NOT ADD THE HOTEL PRICE DIFFERENCE.



All confirmed: no changes have been made.



All confirmed: no changes have been made.



In that hotel the requests had already been more than the 50 rooms we had made available and when we blocked the possibility of booking a room, it happened that groups of friends were often separated.

Few days ago, the hotel management informed us that the rooms could not be the 50 expected but they were almost half …

This thing, added to the inconvenience of the arrangement of the bicycles so far, made us decide to SETTLE ALL THE APPLICANTS OF THE BAIA DEL PORTO in the central hotel Janna ‘e Sole, of course, with the return of the largest amount paid.

This achieves two different POSITIVE effects: the groups of cyclists can finally stay in the same structure and there will be no discomfort for bikes.

… there is also a third positive effect: BELIEVE ME ON THE WORD … the cyclists which should have stayed at Baia del Porto will stay in much better rooms while paying less!

The extra sum payed for Baia del Porto will be credited by us directly to the credit cards who have payed; those who had made the bank transfer, please ask to writing the bank details for the re-credit.

But, if after having seen the room assigned in the Janna ‘e Sole, someone still want to go to the Baia del Porto, please ask to Cristina or me and will be accomodated: the change can be made for a maximum of 25 rooms.


In the GiroSardegna registration system every change has been made, the quotas have been updated and the discount has been applied: it is not even essential to reprint the voucher

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