GranGiro | Third stage – Granfondo Costa Smeralda

Tuesday 25th

km 172,723 – Overall climbing m. 2.295
(code openrunner: 6510657)
Start: from 09.15
Feedings Stations: 3+final
Latest Arrival Time: 17.00
Prizegiving: in the main square of Santa Teresa Gallura just after the arrival of the first three absolute – are NON planned prizes for categories

Subscription “ON THE DAY” – people not booked for the whole GiroSardegna can participate in this stage signing up to the “Granfondo” or “Mediofondo”: send 20 euros (until 15/4); or pay 25 euros (on Saturday 22/4 in the Hotel) or 30 euros (to subscribe before the start); cyclists in the race must have a valid cycling racing licence (FCI or other authority) and must have their own Winning Time Chip.
Subscription for the day (GF/MF) only gives the right to the race pack for the day which does not contain any freebies and there will be no free “pasta-party” but just a final Feeding while arrived.
Race numbers for those subscribing just for the day will be handed out on Saturday 22/4 (from 16.00 till 20.00) in the hotel Village La Marmorata in Santa Teresa Gallura or before the race start (from 07.30 till 08.30).

The race has its own autonomy and you can also be subscribed by cyclists who do not are in the whole week: there will therefore be Sardinian cyclists engaged in the most important race of the Island.
Cyclists of GiroSardegna will recognize each other because they have competition numbers with different numbers (with the rider’s name and different colors for diverse categories); members “of the day” they will have the race number on a white background.
The stage is long and difficult … but it is absolutely beautiful by all points of view!
It will be NOT easy to get to the finish line: that will give more pride getting on the finish line the medal given to all finisseurs.
Then, in the main square of Santa Teresa, it will be offered a final refreshment (nothing “pasta party” then), and the prize giving to the absolute winners.

WARNING: will be called to the podium immediately after their arrival, ONLY the first three arrived.
The race does NOT include the prizes for categories of age and in the day NOT assigning Black Shirts.
The race times of all competitors, regularly recorded, will form the day charts (will be published in both the Overall Classification that the Charts Category with all the athletes reached the finish line); the race times of cyclist ingaged in the MedioGiro affect the general and category rankings of GiroSardegna.
THE TRACK: It starts going towards Palau doing a bit of “Sard plainS” and crossing Porto Pozzo; IT continue on SS133 until you reach the SS125 where cyclists goes to Palau but, as they enter in the village, they turn up the steep slope that rises toa beautiful viewpoint which overlooks the archipelago of La Maddalena.

The track then descends to the nice coastal road that leads up to Cannigione. It passes the village to go in the Costa Smeralda, which begins just after the junction of Baja Sardinia where there is also the first Feeding Station.

The way that bikers explore shows all the beauties of the most popular Coast in the world (Poltu Cuatu, Smooth Cow , Porto Cervo, Pevero, Cala di Volpe, Capriccioli) then go up to San Pantaleo to see the Coast also from the granitic rocks and then back down to the ring road of Arzachena where there is the path division (83 km).

Then the track leave the ups and downs of the Coast to enter deeply into the territory of Gallura going to face a number of challenging climbs first to reach Sant’Antonio di Gallura, where it find the second Feeding Station, and then in Luras (after the village follows a beautiful descent and an ascent that leads to the SS133); freewheel down to Bassacutena to re-meet mediofondisti and the third Feeding Station. Then, in the coast, to make the last kilometers up to the Santa Teresa: the arriving line is in the main street.

Condividi la Tua Passione