GranGiro | second stage – “individual time trial”

Monday 24th

km. 19.000 – Overall climbing m. 232
(code openrunner 6518087)

Start: from 09.00
Feedings Stations: none
Latest Arrival Time: in 60 minutes from the start
Prizegiving: 18.00 – the first three overall winners (men/women) for both GranGiro and MedioGiro + prize draw amongst the present at the briefing.

All participants in the MedioGiro and Grangiro will do the same route: the beautiful stretch of coast between Vignola and Santa Teresa, well-known as it has been cycled at the end stage of the first day.

Departures are interspersed in the two paths are given in reverse order of ranking (first they will start the last and at the end departs the strong); the start times is previously set by the Jury and they will be exposed in Sunday afternoon at the briefing and in internet.

In the race the authorized car can follow the riders: will be punished irregularities or unsportsmanlike conduct.

THE TRACK: The route is completely flat (… but it is “Sard Plain” and then the bike also goes up and down!) and the road is fast: the time trial bike will certainly give an advantage.

And if ever there will be wind, this will be an advantage for cyclists because the Mistral blows behind them.

The starters go independently to the start place right at the crossroads of Vignola.

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