The Hotel of GiroSardegna

In 2018 back to the hotels of Agrustos where we have been in the past. They are halfway between San Teodoro and Budoni and therefore great for biking on departures / arrivals!

At Agrustos hotels have always been fully satisfied with the cyclists: they were confirmed in the same way (full board with drink-water and wine- free at meals); Same availability (residences / villini, 4 stars and superior) and with the same quotas as 2015!

But be careful: Janna ‘e Sole (the main hotel) will run out of the way soon, and those who want to stay in one of its 286 rooms must sign up immediately after the online registration (set for 1 September 2017)!

Below, for each structure, we indicate the number of rooms we have available; the cost per person and the hotel sign to be used in the form.

Rooms will be assigned under request directly in the online registration and strictly following the date of registration!

Normally hotels DO NOT accept animals, but for the GiroSardegna they will allow some exceptions, particularly if the animals are of small size.

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