Total of km in the week: km. ??? – Overall climbing: m. ???

The “Tour” is one of the two NOT agonistic path (Tour and 1.000 km di Sardegna).

Subscribers to “Tour” does the Green Path: short stages with no difficolties

Subscribers to “1.000 km di Sardegna” does the Gold Path: long distance stages + some Green Path of the Tour

You can participate at the “Tour” WITHOUT EVEN be enrolled in a Sports Club and simply signing the form with the disclaimer.

Starting from 2017 at the “Tour” are also accepted cyclists with an Electric Bike.

The “Tour” pays a lower level despite having the same rights as agonists (custom number, refreshments, gadgets, draws lots of awards, etc.). in each day the cyclists are free to choose the path thay want (Green, Red and Blue) without participating at the race rankings.

Every day there is a fixed departure “to make group” with our two guides (Enzo and Antonello), but every cyclist is free to ride when, how and with whom he want.

The stages of the tour

Photografy of the tour

The video of the Tour by Bike Channel

Condividi la Tua Passione