Third stage GranGiro: “…to ride in Groups!”

Tuesday 24th

km 123.732 – overall climbing m. 832
(code openrunner: 7763853)

Start: 09.15
Feedings Stations: 1
Latest Arrival Time: ore 15.00

Prizegiving: ore 18.00 – the first three overall winners (men/women for both GranGiro and MedioGiro + prize draw amongst the present at the briefing.

A long, fast and essentially flat path, a pass stop for passers who want to try to escape from far.

It is foreseeable that there are numerous cyclists at the finish line because the short downhill along the coast and inland will certainly fail to select the participants.

THE RACE COURSE: After the start you will go along the coast to Posada; turn left to go through La Caletta and then return to the the main road to go to Orosei; after the village where you enter inside going to Irgoli to find the path division/Feeding Station (km 57,500). The GranGiro continues through the Loculi and then enters a long stretch of road (only frequented by animals grazing on freeways) that runs along the fast road Olbia-Nuoro, which leads back to SS125 where, at La Caletta crossroads, it finds the path of the MedioGiro and together it reaches the finish line of Budoni passing through La Caletta and Posada

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