Forth stage “Mediofondo Sardegna – Monte Albo”

Wednesday 25th

km 114.026 – overall climbing m. 1.612
(code openrunner: 7763907)

Start: ore 09.00
Feedings stations: 2+finale
Latest arrival time: ore 15.30

Prizegiving: in the main road of Budoni just after the arrival of the first three absolute – are NON planned prizes for categories and is NON planned the briefing for the day after

Subscription “ON THE DAY” – people not booked for the whole GiroSardegna can participate in this stage signing up to the “Granfondo” or “Mediofondo”: send 20 euros (until 14/4); or pay 25 euros (on Saturday 21/4 in the Hotel) or 30 euros (to subscribe before the start); cyclists in the race must have a valid cycling racing licence (FCI or other authority) and must have their own Winning Time Chip.

Subscription for the day (GF/MF) only gives the right to the race pack for the day which does not contain any freebies and there will be no free “pasta-party”.

Race numbers for those subscribing just for the day will be handed out on Saturday 21/4 (from 16.00 till 20.00) in the hotel Janna ‘e Sole in Agrustos-Budoni or before the race start (from 07.30 till 08.30).

Assegnazione della maglia tricolore di Campione Italiano Mediofondo “Open” – il primo/a atleta di nazionalità italiana che arriva al traguardo in ciascuna categoria, indipendentemente dalla tessera ciclistica posseduta, sarà dichiarato “Campione Italiano di Mediofondo Open per l’anno 2018” ed avrà la maglia tricolore.
La premiazione e la consegna della Maglia avverrà immediatamente dopo l’arrivo al traguardo dell’atleta vincitore/trice in un podio che sarà appositamente predisposto nella piazza principale di Budoni.

The race, although valid as the fourth leg of GiroSardegna 2018, has its own autonomy: it is possible to enroll even cyclists who are not doing the whole week!

They will then contest the title of Italian Champion of Mediofondo Open:

A) Italian athletes registered at GiroSardegna and participants in MedioGiro

B) cyclists belonging to Sporting Societies of Sardinia registered at the 25 April race only

C) cyclists from other regions (but resident in Italy) registered at the 25 April race only

Cyclists of GiroSardegna will recognize each other because they have competition numbers with different numbers (with the rider’s name and different colors for diverse categories); members “of the day” they will have the race number on a white background.

The stage is long and difficult … but it is absolutely beautiful by all points of view! It retraces exactly the roads of 2015 going to the limestone balcony of Monte Albo, a true masterpiece of nature with spectacular views of the northeast coast and the interior of the island. Immediately the long climb of S.Anna, then the endless series of curves that cut the Monte Albo, the super-fast descent, then the pastry road followed by the last miles at the level of sea. It was one of the decisive stages of the 2015 and will also be in 2018!

WARNING: will be called to the podium immediately after their arrival, ONLY the first three arrived and the Italian Champions in each category. The race does NOT include the prizes for categories of age and in the day NOT assigning Black Shirts. The race times of all competitors, regularly recorded, will form the day charts (will be published in both the Overall Classification that the Charts Category with all the athletes reached the finish line); the race times of cyclist ingaged in the MedioGiro affect the general and category rankings of GiroSardegna.

THE RACE COURSE: You follow the SS125 until you reach Siniscola where you immediately start a beautiful, panoramic, long and continuous climb (the slopes are always at one digit!) leading Sant’anna where is the path division/first Feeding Station (km 28,500). The MedioGiro continues to climb up to 827 m. Of the passageway then begins to travel along the Monte Albo in an infinite number of curves that descend slowly but steadily into the town of Lula beyond which you will find the GranGiro path and take a fast downhill road (are 10 km in which you will have to be very careful!) That comes back to the valley at the second Feeding Station (km 66.700). Then you enter a road with long stretches of land (only frequented by animals grazing in full freedom), which runs along the freeway Olbia-Nuoro which returns to the hamlet of Siniscola from where you then return to Budoni and to the finish line.

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