Sixth Stage GranGiro: “… the final uphill!”

Friday 28th

km 39.056 – overall climbing m. 808
(code openrunner: 7764153)

Start: ore 09.15
Feedings Stations: 1 final
Latest Arrival Time: ore 13.15
Prizegiving: ore 18.00 – the first three overall winners (men/women)

The GiroSardegna tradition continues to make a short end but with the uphill arrival: it is a last chance for climbers to subvert the final rankings but it is also the opportunity to detach a few meters from the one who has been glued at your wheel for five steps !! Although the route is unique, the start of the race is still in separate times and the grids are always two, MedioGiro and GranGiro.

THE RACE COURSE: You start from Budoni continuing in SS 125 until Posada; then turn right to Torpè and go to the Posada Lake and then … begins the final climb! Essentially, the ascent is divided into three sectors: the first of about 3.500 meters is the hardest and most challenging (almost 13%!) followed by seven km more affordable (the percentage goes down to one digit!) and finally, at S.Anna, there is the last flat kilometer. After a short refreshment you will tasting the beauties of the “descent” views of Siniscola NOT IN A RACE, (the road was in the Mediofondo’s day … but then no one could have watched the wonderful scenery!) reaching the Hotel in just over 20 km pedaled in a relaxed way

In the hotels you can have the last lunch (IMPORTANT: unusually hotel rooms will be held until 14.00 hours) and then, at 15.00 in the Teatre “Andrea Parodi” in Budoni center it will take place the ceremony of the final awarding of the Giro.

They will be prizes for the top three Absolutes, and the first three of each charts category.

There will be also the final prize draw wich include some invitation to GiroSardegna 2019.

The hotel services included in the GiroSardegna ends with the lunch 27/04/18.

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