Second stage GranGiro: “individual time trial”

Monday 23rd

km. 26.950 – overall climbing m. 176
(code openrunner 7763776)

Start: 09.00
Feedings Stations: none
Latest Arrival Time: non expected

Prizegiving: 18.00 – the first three overall winners (men/women) for both GranGiro and MedioGiro + prize draw amongst the present at the briefing.

For the first time, race races are differentiated between GranGiro and MedioGiro: the arrival is the central street of Budoni, but MedioGiro will arrive from the north and the GranGiro from the south in a very scenic way!

The cyclists reach the starting location independently and the starting order follows in reverse the general ranking (first they will start the last and at the end departs the strong); The starting time is set in advance by the Jury and is displayed on Sunday afternoon at the briefing and on the Giro’s website: it will be the Jury’s care to start the competitors appropriately spaced. Authorized cars can follow bikers in the race: will be punished irregularities or unsportsmanlike conduct.

THE RACE COURSE: The route is entirely flat (… but it is “Pianura Sarda” and so the bike goes up and down!) and the road is fast: the timepiece bikes will certainly give you an edge.

The start is given in Concas (near the Posada Lake) making the road you did at the end of first stage. After the SS125 you reach the center of Budoni where the finish line is.

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