Saturday April 21st: arrivals in hotel

Saturday 21st April – Day program at GiroSardegna

The participants arrivals are scheduled for Saturday, April 21st, but many of them will have already arrived in the previous days or will arrive before 10.00 am as the ferries arrive in Olbia very early.

In agreement with the Municipality of Budoni a whole day of “special welcome” will be arranged for all guests in the Parodi Theater and in the square in front of it with the following program:

10.00 a.m. the square will be set up as a village party; with the new technical sponsor’s stand; gazebos of local craft products; predisposition of an info-points of cycling news of GiroSardegna and installation of a tent set up for the tasting of local food and wines

11.00 a.m. performance by a traditional folk group

at noon end of cooking an entire veal on grill, in the square and beginning of its tasting together with vegetables, desserts and local wine (contribution of 10.00 euros per person)

1.00 p.m. dressing, parade and exhibition of Mamuthones of Mamoiada (Everything happens according to a well-defined protocol in which nothing is left to chance. The bells must be distributed and fixed on the body of Mamuthone according to precise criteria, the sounds will be only the desired ones. This also requires tightening the “irons” on the breast of mamuthones until they will be almost breathless: the spectators follow the ritual carefully. Mamuthones and Issohadores -another traditional Sardinian mask- are now ready and the dance begins).

3.00 p.m. Teams presentation, made on the model of the teams presentations in the professional tours (they can attend only Teams that have at least 5 athletes registered in the MedioGiro or GranGiro)

4.00 p.m. start of distribution of race numbers in the Parodi Theater and delivery of the Timing Chip

8.00 p.m. term distribution race numbers and Timing Chip

From 7.30 to 9.30 p.m., dinner of residents in GiroSardegna hotels (Janna ‘e Sole, Sporting Hotel and Baia del Porto).

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