1.000 km di Sardegna

Total of km in the week: km. ??? – Overall climbing: m. ???

The “1.000 km di Sardegna” is one of the two NOT agonistic path (Tour and 1.000 km di Sardegna).

Those who subscribe to the “1000 km” attending the whole program and follows the rules A.R.I. for randonneurs.
Being long distance cycling patents, they follow all the rules (see the instructions in the application form that every rider must sign); keep in mind that you will NOT do nocturnal paths and therefore there is no need to equip themselves for this eventuality.

But you will have the Corsica right at one step? So the randonneurs will take the first ferry of the morning to go to Bonifacio, take a long ride on French soil returning with the last ferry that allows you to be in the hotel in time for dinner.

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