1000Km Brevetto 3: la Barbagia di Orgosolo

Giovedì 26

km. 288.459
Dislivello complessivo: m. 3.374

codice openrunner: 4093058

Partenza: ore 06.00

THE TRACK: We made it in 2015 and we reproduce it exactly the same as it offers views of some of the major attractions of the Island center: Gorroppu Gorge and then Orgosolo Gennargentu but … it’s not all!

Beautiful, in fact, are also the sea views that will be seen on the Gulf of Orosei and on the sea of ​​Arbatax before entering deep into the shepherds’ mountains.

The overall altitude that appears at first glance is essentially accumulated in the long, but very easy uphill that leads to Genna Silana passage and the uphill that precede and follow the village of Talana but … it is all very beautiful!

Take the SS125 (Orientale Sarda), following the coast that you can see often and cross the villages of Siniscola and Orosei from where you start slowly climbing to Dorgali and then continue having on the right the magnificent views of the Gennargentu Mountains and the Gorroppu Gorge (one of the most important natural attractions of Sardinia) until reaching the Genna Silana Pass (km 100 – 1.017 m. of altitude). After the pass you descend to the village of Urzulei to reach Talana and then climb up to Correboi Pass (km 155 – alt 1.246 m – is the highest road of the whole island!). Then after you will go down first to the plateau of Pratobello and then to Orgosolo and again to Oliena to finally return to the sea of ​​Orosei and to the Budoni.

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