1000Km Brevetto 3: Orientale Sarda

Thuesday 26th/Friday 27th

km. 403.042
Dislivello complessivo: m. 3.918

codice openrunner: 7982092

Partenza: ore 02.00 pm of Thursday 26

THE PATH: The absolute protagonist of this patent is the road SS125, better known as ” Orientale Sarda” because it starts from Palau (in the extreme north of the island) to reach Cagliari (to the extreme south) in almost 400 km of beauty and of “solitude”; now there are fast roads and four lanes but the “old” Orientale Sarda continues to exist for the joy of cyclists who for long stretches are now absolute masters!

It is therefore the ideal route for a randonnée that necessarily has to have a part of the night trail.

After a morging of rest, just after the lunch, you leave the hotel by recapturing a part of the SS125 that everyone knows about having run at the end of the second Brevetto.

So the “Sardinian plain” with the starry sky will accompany the crossing of Budoni, Siniscola and Orosei; the first climb will meet only after sixty kilometers: it is long, uncompromising, beautiful and leads to 1017 meters of the Genna Silana Pass (although its sea and mountain views can only be enjoyed on return)!

It follows a very long descent to Tortolì: there will be about 80 km where you will meet only the little Dorgali, then only and only “nature”!

Continue along the SS125 over Bari Sardo and Tertenia until you reach the fateful 200 km they will kick (and it could not be otherwise!) at the junction of Quirra.

Then you go back in the same road admiring what was prevented from the darkness of the night.

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