1000 Km: Brevetto 2 – Nuoro and his Villages

Tuesday 24

km. 291,808 circa (Overall climbing: m. 2.997)
code openrunner: 7981979

Start: ore 06.00

THE PATH: It is a long ride that leads from the sea into the “wild” of the Island and Nuoro.

Along the road you will see countries with famous names for their turbulent past that has now flipped into a present of serene acclaim.

You start on the plain going to Olbia where you enter the SS127 which leads first to Telti and then to Monti where you begin to climb in the SS389 (Alà dei Sardi, Buddusò, Bitti, Orune) until you reach Nuoro.

Continue on the old SS389 road to Mamoiada and then descend to Orgosolo and to Oliena to return to the sea of Orosei and then along the coast to La Caletta and Posada to return in Budoni and Agrustos.

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