1000 Km: “Brevetto 1 – Nuoro and his Villages”

Sunday 22nd

km. 233,262 circa (Overall climbing: m. 2.538)
code openrunner: 7764273

Start: ore 06.00

THE TRACK: It is a long ride that leads from the sea into the “wild” of the Island and Nuoro.

It starts with Granfondo (San Teodoro, Murta Maria, Padru, Alà dei Sardi (where you can enjoy the refreshment – km 70- prepared for the agonists), but then proceed in “altitude” for Buddusò and, continuing in SS389, going to discover Bitti and Orune (two countries from the somewhat stormy past!) to reach Nuoro.

Then it goes down to the sea through the SS129 that crosses Galtellì to reach Orosei from where, via SS125, the cyclists will be back to Budoni.

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