Forth stage – “team time trial”

Wednesday 26th

km. 24,410 – Overall climbing m. 205
(code openrunner 6519999)

Start: from Palau starting from 09.30
Feedings Stations: none
Prizegiving: 18.00 – the first three teams (men/women) + prize draw amongst the present at the briefing

It s one of the most spectacular and interesting GiroSardegna!

The short stage can give a rest to the muscles of the athletes after the longest stage of the day before and looking forward to the stage of the day after finishing with an uphill.

The stage has a limitate incidence in the general classification because it also serves to foster friendships among cyclists (all it can built a team or ask to be part of a team built by other regardless to the path –MedioGiro or GranGiro- and of the sports group of belonging).

The teams: each male team is formed by a maximum of 6 cyclists while the female teams are formed by a maximum of 4 athletes; It’s not allow to built mixed teams. The members of each team can be registered either to Grangiro than to the Mediogiro; the names of the members of the teams must be communicated to the jury no later than 16:00 of Tuesday, 25.4. The athletes not included in any team will be split evenly by the Jury.

Race time: to the cyclists of each team who are at the start will have attributed the time of the 3rd arrived at the finish line of the men’s teams and of the 2nd arrived for women’s teams although remain detached / and or if, for whatever reason, should not to finish line. The times obtained in the race by the various teams will NOT going to affect the charts of the Giro but they will only be used to form the stage rankings. The members of the teams will get a rebate on the time having in the ranking of the (overall and category) according to the following schedule:

Team 1° class. – 1 minuto of rebate for each cyclist of the team; 2° class. – 55 seconds; 3° class. – 50 sec.; 4° class. – 45 sec.; 5° class. – 40 sec.; 6° class. – 35 sec.; 7° class. – 30 sec.; 8° class. – 25 sec.; 9° class. – 20 sec.; 10° class. – 15 sec.; 11° class. – 10 sec.; 12° class. – 5 sec.. Cyclist that are in the teams arrived 13° position or more, will keep their time in the rankings. Cyclists who, for whatever reason, do not are at the start, will be given a penalty of one minute.

THE TRACK: Each team will go independently to start which is placed near the beach in Palau The Sciumana; the start will be given in the order indicated the night before by the Jury. The race course (already known by cyclists who have covered in previous days) is undulating but allows to go fast … if there will be the wind facing the march of the teams! Arrival is located in the main street of Santa Teresa Gallura.

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