22nd GiroSardegna | San Teodoro-Budoni April 21-27 2018

We would like to plan GiroSardegna 2018 in Alghero or Villasimius, but in those two locations no hotel that was big enough, he wanted to open for us at the end of April!

So we had to find a new location without making any mistakes in the choice because in recent years we have improved in so many things having:

– added further rankings (Decathlon teams rankings, armed forces, etc)

– Made the two time trials (individual and team) a stopping point

– tripled the number of persons on crossroads by reinforcing security

– doubled the number of bikers of the technical stock

– made interesting partnership agreements (like with the “Giro delle Dolomiti”)

– increased the amount of prizes by lot

– made very welcome gadgets (as the ALE’s 2017 anti-wind vests)!

In short, in recent years the Giro has grown very much in quality, and in parallel, the participants grew up – more than six hundred in 2017 with many foreigners and a very high percentage of women -!

Then someone suggested the candidacy of San Teodoro!

San Teodoro has some of the best beaches in Sardegna, is very close to the airport and the port of Olbia and is also close to Budoni which has an infinity of excellent cycling routes!

But San Teodoro is also very close to Agrustos where there is ample availability of very good hotels, one of which (the Janna ‘e Sole) had just been renovated!

I went immediately to check out the “new” Hotel Janna ‘e Sole (I had a great memory of the “old” because we had 100 of his rooms in 2015 and ALL the guests had praised him for the quality and abundance of food and Its beautiful and spacious rooms) … well, after seeing it now, I can say without a controversy that the hotel would deserve a Fifth Star for the furnishing of the rooms; for updates and improvements in common areas; for the improvement of WiFi and for the restaurant buffet, which is now much more sought after, cured and plentiful.

The property has given us contractual security to have ALL of its 286 rooms and all the services we need (conference room, timing, jury, massage, etc.)!

And by inspecting the routes I found FABULOUS paths!

Of course, I’ve chosen the safest roads and, while not repeating what we did in the past, I kept the “non-waivable” things that had preceded the previous editions in that area and that is the result:

A) two racing circuits (GranGiro and MedioGiro)

1st stage – it is fast and varied: the start line is near the famous beach La Cinta in San Teodoro, then to enter the inside and finally go to the finish line in the center of Budoni

The 2nd stage – a special “individual” time trial: the arrival is in Budoni but the MedioGiro comes from the north (starts from the famous beach of Lu Impostu in San Teodoro) and GranGiro comes from the south (starts from Posada Lake) … and the choice to split the trails, in addition to being more scenic, allows you to have a greater distance between cyclists in the race.

3rd stage – starts and arrival is in Budoni just to “redo” the way pastors

4th stage – a Granfondo from the new path and a Mediofondo returning to appreciate the scenic Monte Albo: the stage it has been declared as Italian Championship of Granfondo/Mediofondo Open!

5th stage – a team time trial that starts from the beach of La Caletta of Siniscola and arrives in Budoni, runnings on the perfect asphalt prepared for the professionals of the Giro d’Italia 2017

6th stage – the last track repeats exactly an unforgettable stage with the upcoming climb to Sant’Anna (… with its three-kilometer two-digit and the descent panorama on Siniscola NON in the race!)

but once again GiroSardegna give space for those who want to ride without thinking about the rankings:

B) Incorporating beautiful paths for the non-competitive Tour

C) confirm the randonnée of 1.000 km of Sardinia

But with the “new” paths of San Teodoro and with the “new” Janna ‘e Sole WHICH SUMMIT WILL FIND THE GIROSARDEGNA IN APRIL 2018?!?

But WARNING: anyone who wants to have the room in the central hotel must sign up immediately after the online registration (starting September 1st): “Those” 286 rooms will run out fast!

We therefore asked for a number of rooms in other hotels we had in the past (Hotel Baia del Porto ****, Sporting Hotel **** and Formula Residence *** in the villas) and we had it at the same amount as 2015!

A small retouch was made instead for the race which has been standing for many years while we are increasingly utilizing external services for businesses and structures!

Ultimately, therefore, GiroSardegna 2018 is an opportunity not to be missed because, thanks to a series of lucky circumstances, I think I was able to set a “perfect” event for 2018!

Tonino Scarpitti

President of Mare e Monti

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